Monday, February 18, 2013

Totsicle update

So, we met with an RE @ the practice where we did IVF #2. We are moving Nemo ourselves. She has had people do it before with no issue. Basically I have to call Clinic Y & see what I need to do paperwork wise, then call Clinic X to reserve the canister; it's like a $100 deposit that gets refunded upon return of the tank. So I get the tank, bring it to Clinic Y where they put Nemo in, then bring it back to Clinic X. The doc actually suggested taking some photos of the tank for a baby book (hopefully). I am off next week & Wednesday is the only day I have nothing going on/am local so hopefully the stars align & we can do it then. If not, no rush since the FET won't be til after Memorial Day.  We will also need to wait to sign FET consents too since they're only good for 3 mos. We will be doing an estrogen protocol for the FET.

So far as any future IVFs if the FET doesn't work, she thinks there's a bigger MFI issue than we realize as well. His SAs are always great #s wise but throughout the years his motility has been all over the place & his morph is always low. She does recommend a sperm frag test & says we can have him start taking supplements thereafter if it is an issue.

Regarding me, she thinks the protocol from IVF #2 likely yielded good results because of the "Clomid kickstart" since it sends your hormones into overdrive. She isn't sure if I need tons of stims because of my weight or because I'm simply a slow responder but that's neither here nor there with an FET.  We will do PIO & suppositories (fun!) as well as monitor my progesterone since in her experience bigger women need more support.


ousoonerchick said...

I've heard of other people moving it with no problems also. Hope it works out!!!

ReadyForMyTurn said...

This is exciting news. I am hoping for the best for this FET.

Rebecca said...

Oh wow didn't know you could move the frozen embryo yourself. Cool!